Zwap Recycling Program

Send back used Zwap products, get new ones for free!

At Zwap, we want to be the new solution, not the new problem.

To reduce environmental impact, Zwap is working with DAUR.ID to manage and recycle every used refillable pods and e-liquid bottles so they are more useful and don’t just end up in landfills.

Let’s take care of the earth, TOGETHER!


1. Collect

Collect refillable pods or bottles of used Zwap e-liquid.

2. Send Back

Return used products to Zwap Spot or via courier to the Zwap Service Center address.

3. Recycling

We will send all used products to partners for recycling.

Enjoy & Get Better

Collect refillable pods or bottles of used Zwap e-liquid.

Send back 8 used Refillable Pods

Free 1 Refillable Pod

Send back 8 bottles of used e-liquid

Free 1 e-liquid

*Valid for multiples &Program only for Zwap products


Drop it to Zwap Spot

Visit Zwap Spot

Count used products with Zwap Assistant

Drop in the Recycling drop box

Take it for free

Drop it to Zwap Warehouse Center

Fill in the delivery plan form.

Get the code via email confirmation

Wrap it nearly, write down the full address of the ZwapCare Center

Send the package to the ZwapCare Center

After the package is receive and verified, the package code can be used as a free code when shopping on the Zwap website. 

Make sure you have collected at least 8 refillable pods and/or 8 bottles of used e-liquid before filling out this form.

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