The Device

We don’t create average stuff, not for you!
Innovative technologies in our device will bring you a better smoking-like experience

zwap sticks

Simple Design

Sleek and Ergonomic

Customizable Design

Be different, Make your device stand out!

CROLL™ Mesh Heating Technology

Better E-Liquid absorption and heating process.  

Deliver consistent vapor quality, richer flavour, and cigarette-like sensation.

Give you nothing but true satisfaction!

World 1st Reversible Pod

We understand hygiene is become more important than ever.

Especially for something that will go into our mouth!

Turn the pod upside-down to keep it clean whenever not use it.

Flip and Clean!

Bigger Pod Capacity


2 mL capacity, refillable at least 4 times.
Enjoy more E-liquid, save more money!

PTCG Pod Meterial Draw 

Medical grade.
No chemical cross-reaction.

Draw Activated

Inhale to activate.
No button, no hassle.

Restricted Airflow

Satisfying puff sensation.
Cigarrete-like Experience

Magnetic Pod Side

Perfect battery connection.
Simple usage.

Side Filling

Easy fill, without spill

Leak-Proof Seal

No Leakage

400mAh Battery

Bigger battery capacity.
Last all day

Type-C Port

Fast charge.
Save time.

Device Protection

We care about your safety, period!

1. Overcurrent Protection
2. Low Voltage Protection
3. Overdraw Protection

4. Short Circuit Protection
5. Overcharge Protection
6. Passthrough Charging rotection

The E-liquid

We see e-liquids differently!

Specially crafted by combining nicotine satisfaction, cigarette-like sensation, and great flavors.

If you smoke, our e-liquids blends are perfect to give you the similar pleasure and satisfaction as cigarette.

Best Quality Ingredients

Our e-liquids are made only from high-quality pharmaceutical and food grade ingredients that consist of:

1. Propylene Glycol (PG)
2. Vegetable Glycerine (VG)
3. Salt Nicotine
4. Natural and Artificial Flavouring

Nicotine Satisfaction Matters.

Most smokers FAIL to shift to vaping because the inability to get the similar nicotine satisfaction as cigarettes.

Nicotine satisfaction is the critical factor to ensure a successful and final transition from cigarette.

“To get similar nicotine delivery as smoking in a low power vaping device, it seems that nicotine levels in e-liquid should be close to 50mg/ml.”

Our e-liquids are specially developed to match with our device technical specifications,
so it can deliver optimum satisfaction for smokers.

Great Flavors

Our e-liquids are artfully crafted to not just bring satisfaction, but also rich and pleasureful flavors.

Two series, six flavors, and counting…

Smoker Series

It’s bold, truly cigarette-like experience.

Crafted to appeal smokers and no one else.

Fruit Series

Fruits always works well,
fresh, fun and tasteful.

The Quality

We bring you only the best!

At Zwap, we pay attention on every detail of our products,  from what goes into the e-liquids to the vapour that comes out.

Our products are produced under stringent chemical, emissions, and electrical testing protocols to ensure they meet or surpass the highest international e-liquid, electrical and manufacturing standards.