This is our story…

My partner and I started knowing cigarette together and we’ve been smoking for more than 20 years. Although we both knew all the risk about smoking, giving up cigarette seems extremely hard for us. It’s simply because we like it, enjoy it and feels good when doing it. We think maybe we will quit someday, just maybe.

Until we saw vape as a new hope, less-harmful solution that can give us closest sensation and enjoyment to smoking but have the potential to improve the lives of many smokers. It makes us believe that changes for better doesn’t always need to sacrifice pleasure.

But we see that shift completely from smoking to vaping is not that simple. So, we talk to around 200 our smoker friends to ask them about smoking and vaping. We found that most available options were still not able to bring together the three important things we usually get from cigarette: Satisfaction, Simplicity and Convenience.

So, we spent 1,5 years to re-imagined everything from the ground about what a shift from cigarette to vape experience should be. Then we created Zwap, a satisfying, simple and convenient way to replace cigarettes.

Let’s shift to the better and enjoy life more!

Aryodya Harsono
Founder of Zwap

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Our Mission

We didn’t set out to change the world.

We just want to help smokers shift to a less-harmful way of consuming nicotine, so that together we can enjoy life more with less worry. 

Through technology, we are ethically:

  • Making products that are simple and can deliver satisfaction.
  • Creating services to make it more personal and convenient.
  • Enabling smokers to make informed decisions about their shift.

Our Principles

Our Responsibility

We want to be part of solutions, not creating new problems.

Through our SHIELD™ Program, we have commitment to PREVENT:

  • Underage usage
  • Non-smokers/non-vapers usage
  • Product abuse including the usage of substance that contain narcotics/drugs.